Jason Maxey


Weld County Commissioner District 1

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First of all

Why Vote for Jason Maxey?

Jason Maxey is a proven leader with a track record of success in business, government, and community service. As a Weld County Commissioner, Jason will work tirelessly to create jobs, improve public safety, and protect our way of life. With a focus on fiscal responsibility and common-sense solutions, Jason has the experience and vision to deliver results for the people of Weld County.

Not to mention

Why Choose Jason Maxey?

Jason Maxey has been serving Weld County for over 10 years as a Weld County Sheriff's Deputy. He is committed to helping the community and keeping Weld County a great place to live. Jason is passionate about serving the people and making sure their voices are heard. His experience and leadership will ensure that he can make a difference as a Weld County Commissioner. Choose Jason Maxey for a better Weld County.

And let's not forget

Jason Maxey's Priorities

Jason Maxey is committed to working for you and our community. His priorities include improving public safety, promoting economic growth, protecting our natural resources, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. As a Weld County Sheriff's Deputy, Jason has firsthand experience in public safety and knows how to keep our community safe. He understands the importance of a strong economy and will work to attract and retain businesses in Weld County. Jason is committed to protecting our natural resources for future generations. He also believes in fiscal responsibility and will make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely. Choose Jason Maxey for a better Weld County.

four person holding each others waist at daytime
four person holding each others waist at daytime

Get to Know Jason Maxey

Jason Maxey is a Weld County native with a passion for serving his community. He has spent his career working in business development and has a track record of success in growing local economies. Jason is committed to creating job opportunities, improving infrastructure, and ensuring that our families are safe and secure.

Maxey for Weld: Strong Leadership for a Stronger Community